Marrakech, Morocco


Hotel: Riad Vert Marrakech

  • I loved this place. Isabel, the owner, reached out to me before we arrived to organize a ride from the airport and to provide details about our arrival and our stay. The place itself was small but very nice, and was a bit of an oasis from the craziness that was right outside in the Medina
  • Isabel was an amazing host and she really made sure we made the most of our time in Marrakech. She was very helpful with making reservations and providing us with tips about the city
  • Breakfast was included
  • We also had massages at the hotel on our last day, which were decent and cheap for U.S. standards
  • Definitely stay at a Riad if visiting Marrakech. They are small and similar to a bed and breakfast, I had no complaints about my experience and I was glad we stayed in a smaller place within the Medina.




  • Isabel had a friend of hers show us around our first day (we paid him, but it was very cheap). This was really helpful because we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. He introduced us to some shop owners and people working in the city, he also brought us to a traditional rug shop and a tea and herbal shop.
  • Markets were fun, we got to barter and overall the Moroccan people were very friendly and welcoming
  • Jma el Fna Square – the main square in the city which is filled with snake charmers and guys walking around with monkeys on their shoulders, this is the area where you’re told to watch out for scams but as long as you are aware there really isn’t anything to worry about



  • Camel ride is a must, they are such funny and interesting animals and you get to go outside of the main city



  • Our Riad offered a complementary traditional Moroccan breakfast (I think most Riads do the same), we also ate lunch at the Riad one day and it was an amazing traditional Moroccan three course meal
  • The Roof Terrace at El Fenn – El Fenn is another Riad, but we came for the rooftop bar which was amazing (I felt like Aladdin up on the roof). The terrace was a nice place to chill and have a few cocktails after a long day of bartering in the medina. We also had dinner here which was probably the best meal of our trip (tied with lunch at our Riad)
  • Restaurant Comptoir Darna
    • Outside of the main Medina, but an easy cab ride, again Isabel was amazing and made this reservation and organized our transportation for us
    • Amazing bellydance show, traditional music and overall vibe
    • Great food (and bread basket)