Lisbon, Portugal

Hotel: TURIM Lisboa Hotel

  • Cute boutique hotel. Location was decent, we were outside of the main downtown area of Lisbon but it was not a far walk.


Highlights/Must See

  • Barrio Alto (day and night)
    • Such a cool area to walk around! Definitely my favorite area to hang out in Lisbon. Cute small streets, very hilly and the views are amazing especially during sunset.
    • Fun at night, there are a lot of small bars that had different drink deals and are open late.
  • Baxia (downtown area)
    • Rossio Square – busy, central square in the city, a nice place to have dinner and people watch
    • Spend some time walking around and exploring the streets of downtown during the day, there is a good mix of busy lively streets with street performers and some quieter streets, all are very beautiful and colorful!
  • Sites – worth seeing but don’t need to wait in line to go in, all of these sites are close to each other so it is easy to visit all of them in one day walking around the city
    • Castillo de Sao Justia
    • Elevator Santa Justia
    • Carmo Convent
    • Lisbon Cathedral



  • Sky Bar – definitely worth stopping in for an amazing view of the city (especially during sunset), drinks were expensive but that is expected at any rooftop bar.
  • Clubs – we went to a club called Urban Beach which was really fun and then Music Box later in the night, which was fun but had really weird confusing fees and you were required to order a drink to get your ticket stamped in order to leave the club
  • Bario Alto is the best area to be for bar hopping night out



  • Restaurante Laurentina – this place was amazing, known for their bacalao (cod) which is the specialty in Lisbon. Definitely the place to go for a traditional meal.
  • Sangria – Lisbon had the best Sangria I have ever had, every place we ordered it was amazing, they mixed so many fresh fruits
  • Ginginha! – a cherry liquor that is famous in Lisbon, I don’t really like sweet drinks but this surprised me. I have never seen this anywhere else so definitely a must try

Cascais – day trip

  • Amazing beach town, less than an hour train ride from Lisbon and definitely worth the trip
  • The beach was really nice, the town was small but lively and it was a nice break from the city. The views from the cliffs there were also beautiful.