Barcelona, Spain


Hotel: Hotel Regina

  • Excellent location, right next to La Rambla
  • Small room but that’s expected in Europe
  • Quality and location were amazing for the price



  • Vespa – since we were only in Barcelona for 2 days, we rented a vespa for one day to optimize our time there and see most highlights of the city
  • Park Guell is a must, there are a lot of interesting things to see just wandering around the park
  • Segrada Familia – also a must see since it’s probably the most famous site in Barcelona. The architecture is unbelievable even with the building under construction. *Tip: We messed up and assumed we would be able to get tickets to inside at the door but when we got there tickets were already sold out for the week so definitely plan this in advance.
  • Las Ramblas – this is a street with really good shopping/bars/etc, it’s a nice area to walk around



  • Tapas! – you can find these really anywhere throughout the city, I don’t even really remember any specific place we ate at but everywhere was good! The must try traditional items are croquettes and a Spanish omelette. Paella is also a traditional must try.
  • Sangria is amazing in Barcelona.



  • Opium – probably the most famous club and it was really fun! There was a long line when we got there (around midnight) so in order to avoid that we should have arrived earlier
  • Ovella Negra – this was one of many bars we stopped at in the area, not too far from our hotel. This bar stood out to me in particular because it had a cave-like vibe
  • Overall, Barcelona has very lively nightlife. There is a huge student population there so there are a lot of young people and a really fun vibe basically anywhere you go in the city